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What is SSL Certificate & How to Install it under 10 Minutes?

In 2014 Google announced HTTPS as a ranking factor. After that, the people started to care about HTTPS SEO more. Google is encouraging HTTPS Everywhere initiative because they want to protect the data of every online user. HTTPS or SSL is not a new thing; It has been used by a lot of websites to [&h...

How to Start a Blog & Make Money With It

So, you want to know How to start a Blog? Great! If you have made a firm determination of starting a blog, believe me, you have taken one of the finest decisions in your life. I will walk you through step by step guide to start a successful blog. No technical experience required! It won’t...

On Page SEO: 21 Point Checklist to Perfectly Optimize Your Website

On Page SEO is most important & essential part of SEO process. What I love about it is you can control all the factors in it & optimize website pages. You have to use different On Page SEO Techniques to optimize your contents. Well-Optimized pages rank better in search engine results. What i...
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Link Building: How to Build High Quality Backlinks to Boost Ranking

Link building is difficult, time-consuming but vital SEO skill to improve your website rank in google. All links are not created equal, therefore having few links from an authoritative & relevant website is better than having thousands of links from new/non-authoritative/non-relevant website &am...